Signature Series

Sound Kitchen Events is featuring their new signature series:

The Art of Recording

The Art of Recording is a new interactive and intimate audio experience! Sound Kitchen Events will take your group of up to 25 guests and pair them with a professional Sound Kitchen Producer/ Engineer for an in-depth look inside the private world of studio recording!

Session Features…

  • A tour of the Sound Kitchen Studios over 19,000 square foot entertainment complex
  • A brief history of how audio recording has evolved into the billion dollar industry it is today
  • A tutorial of how music & sound is captured, and the vital role Sound Kitchen Studios continues to play in the musical process
  • Hear stories from past recording sessions featuring some of the biggest artists of modern music
  • A chance to ask questions about any musical area of interest and get an industry professionals perspective during a Q&A session in the Big Boy Studio
  • Learn the basics of Pro Tools (our recording software) and watch how audio is manipulated in a real time exercise
  • Hear some of the amazing chart topping music recorded at the legendary Sound Kitchen Studios at the best sonic quality possible

The Art of Recording signature series must be paid for in advance of the event date
The Art of Recordings length will vary; however currently its billed as a two hour experience
Snacks and cocktails can also be provided and are available for a quote upon request
Group sizes and studios are subject to SK calendar availability