Every event held at the Sound Kitchen creates an amazing connection with the many clients who attend. Nothing speaks louder than the firsthand accounts of the many Sound Kitchen Event clients!

Client Testimonials

(Due to client confidentiality, Sound Kitchen Events lists all event comments as anonymous)

– “As someone who loves music, a glimpse behind the scenes and a chance to be part of the writing process, was a phenomenal experience! The studio was so beautiful and the walls were lined with interesting articles and the Kitchen plates provided a personal touch. What an amazing experience!”

– “I want to thank you for sharing your time and beautiful facility. You and your staff were incredibly gracious hosts!”

– “Thank you so much for hosting. It was an incredible and unique experience that the entire team enjoyed. Everyone had such a great time at the Sound Kitchen!”

– “A great experience! Your attentive staff was a great plus to the event and the venue, with the addition of the tented areas, was the perfect size for our 200 guests. We did exactly what we wanted to do with that evening and that was to create a lasting experience with our guests. Thanks again for all your help in making this a great night!”

– “We had an absolutely fantastic experience and appreciate all that you and your staff did in making it so!”

– “Your staff is killing it! You all are taking great care of us, thank you so much!!

– “There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful the Sound Kitchen is to record in. Professional, friendly, state of the art, dedicated, helpful and caring are a few words to describe my experience. Such an amazing musical team can never be surpassed. Thank you!!”

– “We could have gone to the bars downtown Nashville and listened to the music there, but being in your studios embodies the real meaning of Music City”

– “the Big Boy is my number one go-to studio in Nashville”

– “A gigantic thank you to all of you! The event was a HUGE hit. Thank you so much for hosting. It was really a one-of-a-kind experience!”

– “Awesome venue and experience – recently held a team building there, with about 20 folks and felt very warm and welcomed. Alex did a great job tutoring us on the studio history and inner workings. Food was awesome and excellent service!!

– “Awesome hospitable staff that know their craft well!”

– “My highest and most sincere compliments to you and your professional team. The Sound Kitchen sets the standard, Bravo!!

– “First of all, I’d like to let you know that we couldn’t have had a better experience in the studio on Monday. Our students most certainly got a realistic look into the realities of being a recording musician, a great introduction into the work of an audio engineer, and the parents/administration were extremely supportive.”

– “I couldn’t be happier with the work that was done at the Sound Kitchen. Alex worked exceptionally hard to produce fantastic captures of every kid, and Kathryn worked just as hard. I remember being concerned that we would be at the studio too long, and while we pushed the limits of a high school student’s patience, we were really hustling to get it all in there. The capture was great!!!”

– “The musicians, the engineers, the studio, and yourself were all an incredible experience for my daughter and her team. We cannot thank you enough for arranging a star studded lineup of individuals who she was privileged to work with on Sat. After listening to what was recorded at the Sound Kitchen, I am confident this experience will be remembered as a key contributing component to the success of my daughters career. Thank you for making it so special for her! We hope to create many more amazing memories & of course music at the Sound Kitchen in the future.”

– “”You all are taking great care of us! Thank you so much, great staff they are killing it!” Day 4, Full Circle Music boot camp, in the Big Boy studio, at the Sound Kitchen! Thank you for the opportunity to work with your aspiring artists, engineers and song-writers!”

– “Thank you everyone for the fabulous event at Sound Kitchen; you guys are 1st class all the way – thank you so very much!”

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