The Plug & Play Cafe

Sound Kitchen Studios is introducing their new Plug & Play Cafe! The Cafe is a professionally treated suite that allows you to bring in your own equipment, plug in, and go! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your mixing environment, in need of a soundproof recording space, or want to treat your artist to a professional setting, the Cafe is an affordable option that delivers on quality. With access to our Cafe mic selection, you not only get an amazing space, but also a few of the tools needed to take your music to the next level.

“Plug & Play Cafe” Rates:

All Cafe sessions are 8 Hours (9am to 5pm) Monday – Friday (Not available to book hourly)

One Day: $250.00

Three Days: $675.00

Five Days: $1000.00

 “Our goal is to provide an economical studio option to anyone in need of a professional music environment!”


– All cafe sessions must be paid in full and in advance, no refunds

– Items included with the Cafe are a set of NS-10 near-field monitors, XLR cables & Stands, client must provide all other needed items for P&P sessions

– Sound Kitchen Engineers & Producers are available upon request (not included)

– Access to the Plug and Play Cafe mic selection available upon request prior to the sessions start date only