Studio E

Studio E is our facilities’ medium sized studio option and one of our most popular rooms! Priced very competitively, E gives you the most recording space & gear without breaking the bank! Studio E has five isolation booths, one of which contains an amazing sounding Yamaha C-7 grand piano. Studio E’s unique layout and tons of exposed brick in the main live room makes it our brightest recording environment. E is perfect for large drum sounds, great overall tone and expansive natural reverb. The control room houses a 64 channel SSL 4000 G+ console and a plethora of outboard gear to choose from. Studio E also comes with a private adjoining lounge that provides a relaxing space to unwind in between takes.

Studio E Layout

Studio E Equipment List



  • 64 Input SSL 4000G+ with Ultimation




  • Quested HQ 210 Studio Monitoring System


  • Yamaha NS-10
  • KRK V8 or Dynaudio BN6A MKII


Outboard Gear

  • 2x Tube-tech CL 1B Compressor
  • 1x Eventide DSP-4000 Harmonizer
  • 1x Roland SDE 330 Dimensional Space Delay
  • 1x Roland SRV 330 Dimensional Space Reverb
  • 1x NTI Dual EQ3D
  • 2x Urei LA-3A Audio Leveler
  • 1x Tube-tech PE1c Program equalizer
  • 1x Yamaha SPX 990 Multi Effects Processor
  • 2x Lexicon PCM 42 Digital Delay
  • 1x TC Electronic TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay + Effects Processor
  • 1x Lexicon 480L digital effects system
  • 1x SPL 4 Channel Transient Designer
  • 1x GML 8200 Stereo Parametric EQ Series II
  • 1x Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier
  • Alesis Masterlink
  • 3x API 560 EQ
  • 2x API 550 EQ
  • 4x API 512c Mic Pre
  • 2x Brent Averill 312 Mic Pre
  • 1x Focusrite ISA 215 Dual Mic Pre/EQ
  • 1x dbx Dual 786 Mic Pre
  • Urei 1176 Limiting Amplifiers
  • 1x Silverface
  • 2x Blackface
  • 2x Empirical Labs EL8 distressor
  • 1x dbx 166 Stereo Dual Compressor
  • 2x dbx 160x Compressors
  • 2x dbx 160VU Compressors
  • 1x Neve 33609/c Precision stereo limiter/compressor
  • 1x Manley Stereo “Variable-Mu” Limiter/Compressor